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Get a comprehensive eye examination by professional optometrists to determine your eye health. 

Our contact lens fittings, performed by experienced optometrists, ensure a comfortable and precise lens fit tailored to your unique eye shape. Regain clear vision with our expert guidance and the latest contact lens options.

  • Soft Lenses
  • Gas Permeable Lenses
  • Scleral Lenses
  • Kerasoft Lenses
  • Cosmetic Lenses

Specialty services

Visual field testing, a critical diagnostic tool, assesses your peripheral vision and helps detect conditions like glaucoma. Our skilled professionals offer precise visual field tests to safeguard your eye health and early detection of visual abnormalities.

Our Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) service, administered by experienced professionals, provides in-depth insights into retinal and optic nerve health. Count on our expertise for precise OCT scans to enhance your eye care diagnosis and treatment.

Our fundus photography services, conducted by skilled professionals, offer a detailed view of the retina to aid in the diagnosis of eye conditions. Rely on our expertise for accurate and insightful fundus photography to safeguard your eye health.

Our pachymetry services, led by trained professionals, offer precise corneal thickness measurements, crucial for assessing glaucoma risk and refractive surgery suitability. Rely on our expertise for accurate pachymetry readings to guide your eye health decisions.

Experience advanced ocular surface (dry eye) analysis at our clinic, as our experts utilise cutting-edge techniques to diagnose and address dry eye issues effectively. Trust our professionals to provide personalised care and relief for dry eye symptoms.

Comprehensive Eye examinations

Our comprehensive eye examinations encompass a thorough assessment of your ocular health, refractive status, and visual well-being. Count on our expertise for in-depth eye examinations to ensure your vision remains at its best.

Amanda Eye Test- OT

Spectacle Dispensing

Our spectacle dispensing service, overseen by experienced professionals, always ensures the correct fit when selecting stylish and functional spectacle frames tailored to your unique vision correction needs.

Spectacle Dispensing

Digital Lens Technology

Discover the future of clear vision with our digital lens technology, meticulously crafted by our experts to provide precision, comfort, and exceptional visual clarity. Trust in our cutting-edge lens solutions for a seamless transition to enhanced eyesight.

Contact Lens Fittings ​

Our contact lens fittings, led by experienced Optometrists, guarantees a comfortable and accurate fit which ensures the freedom of clear vision. Rely on our expertise for personalised contact lens solutions tailored to your eye’s unique needs.

Specialty Services

At Optometrists Today, we go beyond just Eye Examinations and offer a full complement of Ophthalmic Specialty Services, including all of the following:

  • Visual Field testing 
  • OCT Testing
  • Retinal Photography
  • Pachymetry
  • Ocular Surface (Dry Eye) Analysis

In addition, we have excellent relationships with many Ophthalmologists, Neurologists and other Medical Specialists, should you require specific referrals after detecting eye disorders or other pathological problems revealed during your Eye Examination

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A comprehensive Eye Examination by an Optometrist is the first step in maintaining a proper eye care health regimen!

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